OFFER: IT solutions

  IT logistics system in CL EUROPORT uses modern solutions, standards adjusted to Customers’ individual requirements. Our IT solutions make our offer innovative thus providing the optimization of logistics/forwarding processes, and in the first place, proper quality control.

  • In Centrum Logistyczne EUROPORT (EUROPORT Logistics Center) we offer 10Gb Ethernet telecommunications network based on high-efficiency structural OMY fiber-optic cabling. The technology used makes it possible to provide collision-free High Speed Core data transmission.
  • Data Center (Data Processing Center). In the office building there is a compact space designed to collect, store and process data, with an independent power supply system – including UPS, air conditioning, fire protection and cabling systems to ensure high reliability and safety.
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) – The system we offer provides a full integration with our Customers’ IT systems, which will allow us to accelerate the access to logistics information and to reduce the process labor consumption.
  • RFID. The system to supervise the flow control, goods registration within the Terminal will be an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) based system. It provides supervision, identification and immediate tracking of the route and current location of a specified container or pallet.
  • Surveillance. To ensure effective terminal protection and monitoring we offer a CCTV system using IP cameras. The monitoring system provides 24/7 surveillance thanks to the features of noctovision and thermovision control (motion detection).