Centrum Logistyczne widok na całość

About us

The EUROPORT Sp. z o.o. Company established in 2007 is part of the CL Europort s.r.o Corporation based in the Czech Republic.

The basic aim of setting up the company was to build the Centrum Logistyczne EUROPORT (EUROPORT Logistics Center) located in Małaszewicze near the border crossings with Belarus: railway border crossing in Terespol (4 km) and road border crossing in Koroszczyn (8 km). The CL EUROPORT project stages are described in section NEWS.  

Our mission:

Our aim is to provide our Customers with the best solutions in the logistics management process by constantly improving its efficiency.

Centrum Logistyczne widok na całość

Our value:

We are flexible in adjusting our own resources to meet our Customers’ requirements and to their individual needs in the whole distribution chain operation.

Our business is focused on partnership – doing our best to maximize mutual benefits in cooperating within the widely conceived logistics.

We do believe that giving our full focus on the quality of logistic services provided allows us to build the solid foundations of long-term cooperation with our Customers.

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