CL EUROPORT is situated directly on the route of the Second Pan-European Transport Corridor (Berlin, Warsaw, Minsk, Moscow).

One of the components of the Second Pan-European Transport Corridor is the E-30 road coming from the Irish port of Cork via the UK and by land through the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Belarus to Omsk in Russia.

Currently the national road No. 2 (Świecko-Warszawa-Terespol) is part of the E-30 route to be replaced in future by the planned A-2 motorway (that constitutes an extension of German A12 motorway – aimed to connect western and eastern Poland up to the boarder crossing with Belarus i.e. Kukuryki/Kozłowicze).

Within the Second Pan-European Transport Corridor there are two European railway lines: E-20 being the basic one and CE20 for carrying cargo that combines rail and road transport (combined transport).

The perfect location of the CL EUROPORT at the contact point of two railway systems: the western European with a rail gauge of 1435 mm and eastern European with a gauge of 1520 mm makes an ideal backup for trade exchange between West and East – being at the same time a bridge connecting the European Union with Russia – or further east, China.